Who am I
I’m Christina. A Dane living in Stockholm. I graduated the Design Lead programme at Hyper Island in June 2020, where I have worked with trying to anticipate and adapt today to the changes of tomorrow.
Some things in my toolbox includes design thinking, facilitation, self-leadership and creating effective teams – some of the most powerful tools a creative can have, I believe.
I have a background in Graphic Design, but I have developed my skills further in Ideation, Concept, Branding, UX/UI and Motion Design. The last one really has my passion. I simply love storytelling with motion – especially when it comes to Brand Identities, which is also my main focus today.
What I do
Motion Design, Graphic Design & Illustration

In the cases shown on this portfolio I have worked as a Motion Designer, being part of the projects surrounding:

- Research
- Ideation
- Concept
- Motion Behaviours
- Assets for Design Presentations
- Motion Templates for clients
- Client Delivery

In addition to being a Motion Designer for Bold, I have leaned into a various amount of my soft skills, working on changing processes for the better, making more efficient teams by doing workshops, POD's, creating psychological safety and enhancing the level we work on. It's been both on a personal level for me, but also via my part in both the Bold and the NoA Culture group. 

How to reach me
+ 45 6012 7654

I'm open for new challenges from the 1st of February 2024, where I will be situated in Malmö. 
Strawberry, Nordiska Museet, TV2 Norway, Postnord, Mojang Studios (Creators of Minecraft), Mathem, Mentimeter,
Dramaten - The Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre,
COOP, Jack&Jones, Ikea and more... 

2020 - now
Bold Scandinavia - Motion Designer

2016 - 2019
MCH Exhibition & Faircenter - Graphic Designer

2012 - now
Freelance - Graphic Designer, Art Director & Illustrator

2011 - 2016
Bestseller - Graphic Designer

2019 - 2020 
Hyper Island Stockholm - Design Lead

2009 - 2012
School of Visual Communication - Bachelor

The Drawing Academy

2007 - 2009
Tech College Aalborg - Media Graphic

2003 - 2006 
Lectures & more:

Industry Leader / Group mentor - Hyper Island Design Lead

3-Day Motion Design workshop - Hyper Island Digital Creative

Guest speaker (Strategy & Design) - Hyper Island Digital Creative
Guest speaker (Strategy & Design)​​​​​​​ - Hyper Island Design Lead
Industry Leader / Panel member - Hyper Island Design Lead

Silver cube in ADC Awards 2021 - TV2
Bronze in 100Wattaren 2021 - Mathem
Gold in 100Wattaren 2021 - Postnord
Bronze in Eurobest 2021 - TV2
Boardmember - Hyper Island Motion Creative Programme

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