Client:TV2 Norway
Where: Stockholm, 2021
Design: Bold Scandinavia (3D Idents made by KATK)
What: Brand Experience
My role: Motion Designer (Research, Ideation, Concept Animation and Motion Behaviours)
Case: TV2 is the challenger that has grown to become Norways leading commercial broadcaster, and is one of the country’s strongest and most recognizable brands. A growing number of sub-brands, and a toolbox not developed for digital channels had led to a fragmented identity. Our task was to strengthen the TV 2 brand. In close collaboration with the TV 2 team we positioned them as one common brand for all entertainment services, and modernized the visual profile for today’s and tomorrow’s platforms, making the consumers more willing to choose TV 2 when it comes to watch and stream TV.
Our concept: Norway is a complex nation, and TV 2 is the melting pot that unites and includes the Norwegian people. By uniting content, seeing each story from several perspectives, TV 2 gives Norway the stories that brings us together. The identity reflects how TV 2 unites and balances these stories. Inspired by the name the concept plays on 2 contrasts, 2 shapes and 2 sides. The logo is created as a unifier that bring these 2 worlds together into new experiences.
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